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Pine Bugs and .303s

Pine Bugs and .303s


Fiction | Indigenous
Pub Date: October 21, 2022
5 x8.5 in | 322 pgs
Trade Paperback: 9781988989518
e-pub: 9781988989525


Louttit’s debut shows promise, and he takes us back to a past we’ve seen many times, but rarely through both a Cree and white perspective. The book covers some dark material, showing the ugliness of a hard life, but offers a glimpse of a Canadian history not glamorized by quaint, CBC period programs.

The Quarantine Review, Issue 14


Louttit’s taut narrative, and plot twists, masterfully build outrage and tension for the reader—like a .303 in the hands of a nefarious foe, or a pine bug crawling up one’s neck. A great read you won’t want to put down.

David Giuliano, author of The Undertaking of Billy Buffone


Louttit's plotting is credible, clear, logical, detailed and devastating. . . Pine Bugs and .303s is his first novel. It is an important novel, grounded in the history of Northwestern Ontario and our diverse cultures. Highly recommended."

Michael Sobota, reviewer in Thunder Bay's The Chronicle Journal


The search for justice might be enduring but Pine Bugs and .303s demonstrates what is possible when people unite and fight for justice. 

After World War II has ended, two soldiers united by conflict return to their small northern Ontario town to try and restart their lives. But for Elmer Wabason, a Cree man, and Gilbert Bertrand, a white man, this won’t be so easy. Maintaining their friendships and families forces a familiar challenge but also brings new obstacles they never anticipated. A fast-paced story about deep bonds and deeper desperation, Elmer, Gilbert, and their families will have to endure disaster, deceit, racism, crime, and corruption to overcome the odds and secure the future of their town. The search for justice might be enduring but Pine Bugs and .303s demonstrates the possibilities when people unite and fight for justice.


About The Author

Ernie Louttit is a retired soldier and police officer, and has written three books, Indian Ernie: Perspectives on Leadership and Policing, More Indian Ernie, Insights from the Streets, and The Unexpected Cop: Indian Ernie on a Life of Leadership. Winner of the Saskatchewan Book Award in 2014 and the Reveal Indigenous Arts Award in 2017. Pine Bugs and .303s is his debut novel. He lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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