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The Art of Floating

The Art of Floating

Pub Date: April 6, 2024
5.5 x 8.5 in | 92 pgs
Trade Paperback : 9781988989747
e-pub: 9781988989754


Melanie Marttila captures the solace and healing she has found in the terrestrial landscapes, flora, and fauna of northeastern and southwestern Ontario while balancing the ebbs and flows of her mental health. There is similar reprieve in looking skyward as she shares in beautifully crafted poems the reflections of celestial patterns on moods, perceptions and relationships. Through the often insignificant and mildly miniscule moments in life, Marttila demonstrates the truth and hope that lie within each, whether connecting with land or sky. The Art of Floating is dedicated to the poet's father, who taught her how to surrender to and survive the rough waters of mental illness.


 Praise for The Art of Floating

The Art of Floating is an elegant and beautifully crafted debut collection of poetry by Sudbury’s Melanie Marttila. Her poems are mirrors to the tiny, often quiet, and supposedly insignificant moments in a life. In her poetic work, Marttila reminds her readers to take note of the rhythms of the natural world, inviting them to consider elements of myth, astronomy, ritual, and personal anecdote as a way of finding the poems that live in the world in both a specific and universal way. Paying attention to the supposedly small things in life, Marttila suggests, is the way in which you can enter the world—and move through it mindfully—in a truly poetic fashion.
— Kim Fahner, author of Emptying the Ocean 


About the Author


Melanie Marttila has been writing since the age of seven, when she made her first submission to CBC's "Pencil Box." She is a graduate of the University of Windsor’s masters program in English Literature and Creative Writing and her poetry has appeared in Polar Borealis, Polar Starlight, and Sulphur. Her short fiction has appeared in Pulp Literature, On Spec, Pirating Pups, and Home for the Howlidays. She lives and writes in Sudbury, Ontario, in the house where three generations of her family have lived, on the street that bares her surname, with her spouse and their dog, Torvi.

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